What are freespins in slot machines, how to get them

One of the types of bonuses at Bollywood  Casino are freespins. Free spins are free spinning slot machines. Bets in slot machines are given directly by the administration of the casino, and in the case of success the winnings come to the balance of the winner. As a rule, free spins are given to the user as a bonus from the casino.

Freespins can only be used in video slots and slot machines, they cannot be withdrawn to the balance or from the game. The only thing you can do with them is to spend them in the machines. But even this is quite enough, because the bets are made by the casino, and the spinning of the reels is completely free and gives a chance to get real money. New online casino.

How freespins are given

How to get freespins in the casino? For this there are several ways.

1.A gift from the game administration Bollywood .

Here everything is simple - registered, received, scrolled and freespins no more. Or in the case of luck, instead of virtual chips you can get real money.


If a winning combination or a string of identical symbols falls out when playing on the machines - you'll get some more free spins.

3.For top-ups, buying different statuses.

Top up your balance? Bought a VIP status? The casino will not leave such things aside and will credit you with bonuses. They may include, in addition to freespins, cashback, promo codes and the like.


It's no secret that the online casino Bollywood  often conducts various promotions, such as in honor of holidays, registration of new customers, the birthdays of institutions or anniversaries. 

5.Tournaments and sweepstakes

Participate in tournaments, win, and win prizes, and a freespin bonus won't be long in coming. For a good prize place you can get a decent amount of freespins. It's not 10 or even 100, it could be thousands of free spins.

Features of freespins

These bonuses, like any other, are strictly controlled by the casino. To be able to take advantage of the freespins, the player has to carefully follow what the casino sets the requirements:

  • Bet a certain number of times the amount of winnings won through freespins. This condition is called Wager and is denoted as - 30x, where x - the number of wins, instead of 30, may be any number established by the casino.
  • Use freespins within a certain period of time, otherwise they will "burn". The period of validity of the gift can be viewed in the personal cabinet of the player.
  • A specific set of machines to play with freespins. The casino establishes a list of machines, on which you can use freespins.
  • A limited size of the maximum bet. The bet that can make the gambler is limited. This is done to prevent the player from winning too much money.

Advantages and disadvantages of freespins


  • The bonus does not require a real investment;
  • You can win real money without spending your own;
  • Simple issuance immediately upon registration.


  • To withdraw your winnings, you need to perform a vager;
  • A limited list of machines to play;
  • Limited bet size;
  • Small amount of gifts.

To conclude

So, freespins are one of the main casino bonuses Bollywood  and are given either at registration or in the course of further game action. Despite the presence of various conditions on their wagering and strict control by the casino, they are still free. So do not turn down the chance - after all, you are in any case, do not risk anything, using freespins.


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