Tips for writing a CV for an accountant


It is difficult to become an accountant without a degree. Knowledge of tax legislation and skills in working with advance reports are core skills of an accountant, which you cannot learn on the internet in 2 webinars. Even for trainee positions, employers specify in the requirements a higher education, at least in the process of obtaining it.

Therefore, make sure you mention in your CV that you have an accounting degree - the employer will appreciate it. If your education is not relevant, but you have experience as an accountant - that's good too - Resume Example for Accountant.

Work experience

If you are just studying to become an accountant and don't have any work experience - don't worry, look for an apprenticeship.

You can look for accounting internships on your own university website, ask the dean's office, or search careers sites yourself.

If you have some experience, it's easy - describe it properly.

Accomplishments on your CV is a great way to highlight your strengths and make yourself memorable to a recruiter. Try to put in numbers - employers love them.

Professional skills

One of the most important items on an accountant's CV is skills. And on soft skills alone, unfortunately, you can't get far - you'll have to work hard and learn the key skills of an accountant.

Having all the professional skills on an accountant's CV is optional - otherwise it will be a one-size-fits-all soldier. Build on your chosen specialisation and specify only the skills relevant to the position.

Personal qualities

We would like to see the person who first wrote 'communicative', 'stress-resistant' and 'responsible' in their CV or job description.

These characteristics are so ingrained in the CVs of most candidates that they have become memes.

About yourself

We are not sure that the column "About Me" is a must, but if you are an accountant without any experience, use the opportunity to advertise yourself again and make an effort in this section.


How should an accountant's CV be: concise, austere, clear. Avoid bright colours and creative designs, use simple fonts and readable layout. Stick to the classics!

Cover letter

Accountants are often portrayed as stern, moody and uncommunicative. That's why it's important to write cover letters to show your personality and combat stereotypes


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