Nanny's resume: how to fill it out correctly

Responsible work requires a responsible approach to Responsible work requires a responsible approach to filling out your resume. Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting a job. The problem with filling out a nanny resume is mistrust. Not every parent will risk leaving their child with a stranger, even if he has several types of education and decades of experience. The task of the job seeker is to attract the future employer by getting him interested from the first line.

What to specify in the duties?

The main duty listed in the resume for the position of nanny is to take care of a child. There is quite a long list of tasks that fall on the shoulders of a nanny:

  • walks;
  • developmental lessons;
  • feeding;
  • Attending different sections, clubs.

A nanny's resume may contain additional responsibilities of a secondary nature. Sometimes families ask the candidate to demonstrate cooking skills - for breakfast you need to prepare oatmeal porridge with milk. Or future duties will include cleaning the baby's room. It is desirable to specify such additional duties that are ready to perform.

But be careful: if in parallel with the care of the child require cleaning the house, ironing, laundry of all family members, do not agree.

Personal Characteristics

You have to be confident in yourself and your skills. Write only what really corresponds to the truth. Can make contact - write, can control yourself and not succumb to negative impulses - write, instantly notice the mood swings child - write.

Examples of personal qualities:

  • kindness;
  • responsiveness;
  • sincerity;
  • responsibility;
  • stress resistance;
  • poise.

It is important after - in practice - to confirm the words, not refute. Literacy in the design of the nanny's resume as a visual business card is important. Most likely, parents will ask to conduct developmental lessons with the child after kindergarten, to help with homework.

Useful knowledge and additional capabilities

Really useful in the resume of the nanny information about special education. A big plus, a trump card becomes the courses taken by a psychologist in the direction of child development.

Add personal information as the employer asks for it. Fill it out correctly, and check the accuracy of the contact information several times. Otherwise you risk being an unknown candidate for the company or family. Information about your personal life is important: marital status, children of your own, schooling. It is usually not possible to combine work with children and other part-time work.


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