Nanny resume - how to write correctly, instructions

Anyone looking for a babysitter job needs to be able to write a resume competently. It is better to declare yourself and demonstrate your skills, of course, in the process of work. Do you know how to get to the interview if there are hundreds or even thousands of applicants? To that, we will be looking into the question of how to draw up a babysitter resume that will effectively "sell" a candidate for a nanny position.

When applying for a babysitter position, it is necessary to clearly understand that experience and age play a fundamental role in an employer. Therefore, a resume should be based on these main points.

 First of all, you need to specify it:

  • full name and attach a photo;
  • contact information (phone, e-mail);
  • marital status, whether there are children and how many there are;
  • year of birth.

The next block should be an education. It indicates information about the availability of secondary and higher education. It is okay if higher education is sociological, medical, or pedagogical. The employer is more likely to give preference to such a candidate. In any case, the presence of any other education is a huge plus. After all, it often happens that applicants for a nanny position do not have any at all.

Immediately after the education block, there is a section with information about work experience. It must start from the last place of work and move in chronological order.

In addition to the place of work, the resume needs to indicate:

  1. duration of work at each job;
  2. the number of children cared for by the candidate and their age;
  3. primary responsibilities, for example, pick up from school/kindergarten, take to extra classes, do homework, play games, read books, develop the child in every possible way, go for walks, to amusement parks;
  4. achievements at work: expanding the range of responsibilities.

The candidate's work experience and functional responsibilities play a decisive role for the employer in the selection. Therefore, in the resume, this block should be outlined as detailed as possible.

The penultimate section of the resume is personal characteristics; it includes:

  • knowledge of foreign languages;
  • level of computer literacy;
  • hobbies and interests;
  • certificates of completion of various courses, training programs;
  • personal qualities that can help in work (of course, you shouldn't praise yourself too much. It's enough to mention that you are non-conflict and stress-resistant.).

And at the end of the resume, you need to add letters of recommendation from previous employers. If they are not available, be sure to ask for such recommendations from former employers because they are the trump card that can be decisive in favor of your candidacy.

A babysitter's resume should not be creative, pretentious, bright, and colorful. It will be the most valuable, practical, and selling if you choose a business form of presentation. Of course, skills and abilities are best tested in work, and the characters of the employer and the candidate may not converge. The first stage of selection is a resume, so mistakes in its preparation can cost YOU work.

The most common mistakes when writing a babysitter resume 

  • Lack of photography

Many employers pay attention to the candidate's appearance. Especially when it comes to hiring a nanny for their child; therefore, a high-quality and fresh photograph must be included in the resume.

  • Age not specified

Of course, you can have an excellent physical shape at any age, but the age factor will still play an essential role for many employers.

  • Too short resume

If you have nothing to say about yourself, then this fact may raise suspicion from a potential employer.

  • Grammatical errors

Any mistakes, misspellings, and inaccuracies will quickly ruin the candidate's reputation. The employer pays attention, even to such a trifle. After writing up a resume, it should be carefully re-read and edited several times.

  • Lack of recommendations

It will be more challenging to get an invitation for an interview for a nanny position based on a resume only if you do not attach at least a few letters of recommendation from previous employers to it. Their presence is a substantial competitive advantage, so do not forget about this point.


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