How can we increase our chances of winning?

Very simple, by adopting the right betting strategy.

Imagine that you decide to spend an amount of 120 euros on sports betting, most players will decide to bet 10 euros, 20 euros or even 50 euros. By adopting this strategy, you will hit right into the wall, the slightest bad series and your capital will be reduced to zero.

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The average odds I play are 2.00, the risk of losing is greater than the odds of 1.20. So you have to manage your bankroll as best you can to survive a bad streak if you lose a bet,

This is how I advise you to use your capital of 120 euros:

You have to break it down so that you can play 6 levels and make a profit when the level is a winning one.

With a capital of 120 euros your 6 levels will be 1 euro / 3 euros / 7 euros / 15 euros / 31 euros / 63 euros.

Let me be clear: if you lose six bets in a row, you will lose all of your 120 euros.

We really should be out of luck, but anything can happen.

The principle is to cover your losses during the next bet by adding an extra bet to make one unit of profit for each bet played.


  • Bet 1 lost: bet 10 euros, odds 2.00 winnings 0 euros Profit -10 euros
  • Bet 2 lost : Bet 30 €, odds 2.00 Winning 0 € Profit -40 €
  • Bet 3 won : bet 70 euros, odds 2.00 Winning 140 euros Profit (140 - 10 euros -30 - 70 euros) = 30 euros
  • etc.....

You can see that even if we lose 2 times in a row, the first winning bet allows us to finish with a profit, and the next bet we start again with a level 1 bet.

Thus, the probability of losing is reduced, WHY? Again, it's math.

Playing at odds of 2.00, you have a 50% chance of winning, which means there is also a 50% chance of losing.

But the probability of losing 6 times in a row is (50/100) * (50/100) * (50/100) * (50/100) * (50/100) = 1.56%, which means you have a 98.44% chance of winning every time.

Thus, this strategy can allow you to reduce the likelihood of losing in sports betting!

Be careful though, there is still a small percentage of losses (1.56%) and it is my duty to warn you that there is no zero risk if you are involved in sports betting, just play with the money you are willing to lose.

Also follow the original strategy: if you lose 6 levels, DO NOT CONTINUE to increase your bets, stop there so you don't end up in a dangerous financial situation!

Combined with a good knowledge of various sports such as soccer, tennis or basketball, as well as studying the statistics of teams and players, you can become an outstanding player.

Many people have developed methods to win in sports betting, but the one I just told you is the best strategy to reduce the risk of losing.

To summarize my betting strategy:

  • Play mostly double odds (in soccer) and single odds (in tennis, basketball, rugby, volleyball, and major soccer teams) with odds between 1.20 and 1.50.
  • Combine multiple bets to get an overall odds of 2.00.
  • I use a 6-step betting / bankroll management strategy.

But in order for all this to work, you absolutely have to learn how to manage your starting bet well, so that you do not lose everything in the event of a bad series, this is called bankroll management.


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