For two reasons, boldenone is almost uncommon among our athletes: 1) very few people know about the existence of this wonderful anabolic, and even if you have heard something, this tiny knowledge instantly perishes under the "bulk" of information about the "explosive" giants of the steroid world (methane , deck and test); 2) boldenone has overgrown with a bunch of all sorts of myths, Buy Boldenone rumors and fables that affect the fragile minds of bodybuilders in a negative way. With all this, boldenone undecylenate is very popular in the West and is used there not only by amateur athletes, but also by professional athletes. Overseas pitching ten to 15 years ago organically joined the ranks of those divine creatures (cows, horses, bulls, chickens, cats and dogs), who appreciated the uniqueness of this pharmaceutical product.

Boldenone was created exclusively for the needs of veterinary medicine and was originally intended to increase the weight of horse carcasses, to improve the appetite and general condition of our smaller brothers. The long-term successful veterinary practice of using equipoise in the field of animal husbandry eventually attracted the attention of professional bodybuilders, who appreciated the miraculous effect of this drug on their bodies.

In general, we know of many cases when veterinary pharmaceuticals were transferred from the sphere of animal husbandry to the sphere of “treatment” of people (trenbolone, for example). There are also examples of reverse "retraining" of drugs - for a very long time nandrolone has been used to "humanize" artiodactyls.

Over the past ten years, a lot of theoretical and practical information has accumulated on the use of boldenone and on the peculiarities of its effect on the athlete's body. In my article I will try to systematize and summarize everything that has been written about this anabolic in numerous foreign publications.


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