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If anything, 2006 was an interesting year for horror movies which i watched on Fmovies as it seemed everyone in Hollywood was out of fresh ideas. The public was given tried sequels, like Final Destination 3, or remakes of classics, like Omen 666. It takes time and careful consideration for the true horror fan to move wade through the mundane and to find a few treasures. Here is a list of a few horror movies that will satisfy the cravings inside.

Scary Film Review: Feed Review

Feed - Director Brett Leonard's created a horror movie that can be tough to watch. It will make you squirm and duck under the covers at points in the movie. But that is the point of these movies, to push boundaries in order to demonstrate that what is considered "normal" to one person may be utterly insane to another. In the movie, you follow an Australian detective who goes to Ohio to expose the source of a potentially fatal web-site that caters to men who like their women large. The problem is that the detective thinks the women are being fed to death. The movie transitions between his unhappy home life and investigation to that of the man who is running the web-site. It turns out the man is keeping a woman "captive", as he continually feeds her so that she's so big and that she will be unable to leave him. The effects in the movie make everything you see convincing. The movie is filmed like a documentary drama which adds to the feel of the horror movie and makes this one a must see.

Subject Two - Wikipedia

Subject Two This is a modern re-telling of the Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein. A medical student agrees to meet the mysterious person he has been communicating with via email and ends up in the secluded mountains in Colorado. When he arrives, the medical student meets Dr. Frank, who is doing "re-animation" experiments with a special serum in conjunction with the cold weather. Soon the student becomes the second test subject for Dr. Frank once he is killed. When the student is brought back to life his senses are increased and he can feel everything ten-fold, which has its disadvantages. The movie takes a turn from the other Frankenstein movies when the student is repeatedly killed and brought back to life by the good doctor. Dr. Frank continues to try and remedy the bad side effects of the drug and uses the student's body until it completely breaks down. The budget for the horror movie is minimal and the movie is low key. By the time the movie is done, you will have a true appreciation for it.

Wolf Creek - This was one of the most underrated horror movies released in 2006. It starts with the introduction of the three central characters and follows them as they begin to hitch their way from Sydney, Australia. Once their reach their destination, Wolf Creek, things take a turn for the worse when they have vehicle troubles. Apparent hope arrives in for form of a man from the outback, but the group soon finds out the man is more interested in them than helping them get their car fixed. The movie shines thanks to the original plotline and the exceptional acting by the main characters. The movie is said to be based loosely on real events from Australia and the director does a great job of bringing the viewer into the movie and believing everything seen on the screen.

The Descent | The Descent Wiki | Fandom

The Descent - In 2005, the horror movie, "The Cave" was released to lesser than stellar fan fare. Bring in 2006 and an apparent similar movie, "The Descent". Here we have a group of thrill-seeking women who travel to the Appalachian Mountains with the intentions of exploring caves. The trip is a way for the women to help one of their friends lost her husband and daughter in the previous year in a car accident. Tense is created among the group in the beginning when it appears one of the friends was having an affair with the woman's dead husband. While exploring the caves, their tunnel collapses and leaves the group in an unexplored area. It is then we are given the first glimpse of the humanoids, "crawlers" who reside in the cave. They are albino, blind, have extremely good hearing and are adept at clinging to rock surfaces. The crawlers had grown a taste for meat over the, making the group of women the perfect meal. This movie does a better job of creating the environment and the phobias associated with it than "The Cave". This is a movie will be a pleasant surprise for those who watch it.


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