A growth hormone

Growth hormone in adulthood affects memory, helps to prolong youth and become physically stronger by gaining muscle mass. 

But if it has similar properties, can it be used in the treatment and prevention of certain pathologies, in the fight against skin aging or age-related changes? 

Can growth hormone reduce body weight without harming metabolic processes? Let's talk more about this hormone.

Hormones regulate many functions of the body; without their participation, a full-fledged human existence is impossible. Growth hormone. One of the most important is somatotropin, or growth hormone. 

The place of its production is the pituitary gland, the gland in the brain. Due to the release of growth hormone and its active action on tissues, bone and cartilage growth occurs. In childhood, this contributes to the growth of the body in length, muscle mass gain and full development.

In addition, the hormone also affects metabolic processes, leading to the activation of lipolysis, so that fats are used as an energy source, and not stored in reserve. In parallel with this, growth hormone leads to increased protein synthesis, which leads to an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in blood glucose levels. 

Due to such changes under the influence of hormones, a growing and young organism becomes stronger and more resilient.

Under physiological conditions, hormones, including somatotropin, are more actively synthesized during systematic sports activities, an active lifestyle, as well as in young people. 

As the body ages, the level of hormones decreases, which leads to age-related changes. Does growth hormone affect these processes? Can its introduction artificially delay the onset of old age?


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